Physics 215A, Quantum Field Theory, Fall 2016

Professor: John McGreevy
Office: 5222 Mayer Hall
mcgreevy at
Office Hours: Thursdays 2:30 -- colloquium, or by appointment. 

Homework and solutions
Lecture notes. Warning: these lecture notes are superseded by the 2017 version.
Announcements Date
Thanks for a good quarter. If you would like your papers back, please come by my office any afternoon. I hope to see all of you next quarter for the sequel: this time, with loops. 2016.12.13
Please submit an evaluation for our course. Here is the link. The deadline is Monday December 5 midnight. Responses to all surveys are completely anonymous, and your comments are important to me and to future students. 2016.11.25
I must cancel my office hours on Thursday, November 3. Please send me questions by email. 2016.11.02
HW 4 is posted now. If you notice again that you have too much free time, please send me email and I will correct the situation. I am sorry for the inconvenience. 2016.10.18
I am bad with calendars. The first homework is due on Thursday, September 29. The third problem (on the earlier version of hw01) is postponed until the second homework. 2016.09.26
The first homework is posted and due September 29. 2016.09.21
Welcome to Physics 215A! Please look at the administrative information here. The first lecture is Thursday, September 22, 2016. 2016.09.16

Text: My lecture notes. Please see the administrative handout for other recommended reading materials.

Course Times: Lecture: T-Th 11:00-12:20, Mayer Hall 5301