This paper formulates and proves a precise version of the Third Law for black holes. A proof of the Zeroth Law can be found in Wald, GR, p. 333-334.

This is a paper which says something interesting about arbitrarily-weakly-gauged symmetries and black holes.

This paper has some thoughtful discussion of the relationship between the radial coordinate of AdS and various energy scales in the field theory.

This paper (section 4) and this one describe bulk calculations of Wilson loops in representations other than the fundamental.

This is the Polchinski paper about the relation between scale invariance and conformal invariance. -

Coleman, `1/N'.

Callan's review of conformal symmetry in QFT can be found here.

Here is a non-perturbative proof of the vanishing of the beta function of the N=4 SYM theory. Here is a discussion of a nonzero supersymmetric higher-dimension correction to the effective action. [Thanks to Mohamad Faghfoor Magrebi for the reference.]

This is the review of the Weinberg-Witten theorem referred to in class. [Apparently, Alejandro Jenkins' thesis, chapter 2, is what I should have been referring to.]