Physics 239, Quantum Information is Physical, Spring 2016

Professor: John McGreevy
Office: 5222 Mayer Hall
mcgreevy at
Office Hours: Thursdays 2:30 -- colloquium, or by appointment. 

Homework and solutions.
Lecture notes. Warning: these lecture notes (and many of the problems) are superseded by the 2018 version.
Announcements Date
The makeup lecture (for Thursday May 26) will be at the usual time and place on Tuesday June 7.

Please submit an evaluation for our course. Here is the link.

There will be no lecture on Thursday May 26. We'll have a makeup lecture during finals week.

I added a simple third problem to HW2. Also, I posted HW3. The fourth problem on HW3 is in the nature of a treasure hunt and I hope it will be fun. Tell me if you are not enjoying this problem and/or want more hints.

Hello and welcome. This is a special-topics class which will focus on the use of information theory in quantum many body physics. Please email me if you have suggestions or comments about the proposed content -- it is under active development and still somewhat flexible. 2016.03.21

Text: My lecture notes. More suggested reading material can be found therein.

Lecture: TTh 11:00-12:30pm, in Mayer Hall Addition 2623.