Physics 215A, Quantum Field Theory, Fall 2017

Professor: John McGreevy
Office: 5222 Mayer Hall
mcgreevy at
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:30 -- 4 PM, or by appointment. 

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Announcements Date
I will change my office hour time to Wednesday 2:30 - 4, starting this week. 2017.10.09
I added a (painless, I hope) problem to HW 2, because it will be helpful for the problem formerly known as Problem 4 (now 5). 2017.10.05
Welcome to Physics 215A! Please look at the administrative information here. The first lecture is Thursday, September 28, 2017. 2017.09.12

Text: My lecture notes. Please see the administrative handout for other recommended reading materials.

Course Times: Lecture: T-Th 11:00-12:20, Mayer Hall Addition 5623