Physics 215B, Quantum Field Theory, Winter 2020

Professor: John McGreevy
Office: 5222 Mayer Hall
mcgreevy at
Office Hours: Mondays, 3:30 -- 5, or by appointment. 

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Unsurprisingly, we are going to do the remaining two lectures electronically. Please email me if you didn't get the Zoom links by email.

Please hand in the final problem set electronically -- email it to me with the subject line 215B-hw09. It will help me if your last name is in the file name, like Lastname-Firstname-215B-hw09.pdf. Thanks.

Please fill out a course evaluation. Thank you in advance for your constructive input.

We'll have two lectures during finals week, at the usual time, but in MHA 5623.

Welcome to Physics 215B! Please look at the administrative information here.

There will be no lecture on Wednesday January 22. We'll have a make-up lecture during finals week.


Text: My lecture notes. Please see the administrative handout for other recommended reading materials.

Course Times: Lecture: MW 12:30p-1:50p Mayer Hall 5301.