Physics 130C, Quantum Mechanics, Winter 2015

Professor: John McGreevy
Office: 5222 Mayer Hall
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Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30pm-3:30pm or by appointment. 
TA: Shauna Kravec
Office: 4206 Mayer Hall
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Office Hours: Wednesday 2:30pm-3:30pm or by appointment.

Homework and solutions and workshop problems
Lecture notes and other materials
Announcements Date
The average of the final exam scores was 62. The standard deviation was 23. High score was 98. 2015.03.20
Here are the solutions to the final. 2015.03.19
I will have some additional office hours on Wednesday starting at 2:30. 2015.03.17
I will be holding my usual office hours today. 2015.03.17
Please submit a course evaluation for Physics 130C.

I have posted the solutions to one of the practice final exams.

Here is the cover sheet for the final exam.

I posted a correction to problem 4 of HW7. 2015.03.10
Here is a list of questions you should make sure you can answer in preparation for the final. We will talk about the last point in Tuesday's lecture.

I have posted some practice finals on the homeworks page.

The last problem of problem set 6 (was problem 6) has been postponed until next week's problem set. 2015.03.04
Here is your midterm exam and its solutions. 2015.02.19
Here is the front page of your exam, with a few useful formulae.

I've posted a second practice exam to the homeworks page.

Here is the link to the Coleman video. Your homework this week (besides studying for the exam) is to watch this video carefully. Be sure to watch the whole thing -- it ends with a bang.

I have posted a practice exam and its solutions on the homeworks page. Please resist the temptation to look at the solutions until you have tried to do the exam under simulated exam conditions. Note that this was a 50-minute exam; yours will be a little longer.

Our midterm exam will happen on Thursday Feb 19 during the lecture time at the lecture room. 2015.01.28
The last problem from HW 3 has been postponed until next week's HW. 2015.01.26
The worksheet from today's discussion section, and its solutions, are posted to the homework page. 2015.01.07
Welcome to Physics 130C! Please look at the administrative information posted on the lecture notes and handouts page. Some highlights are listed below. 2014.12.15

Text: My lecture notes.

Other possibly useful texts, which have been placed on reserve at S&E Library, include:

Quantum Physics by Michel Le Bellac. Principles of Quantum Mechanics by R. Shankar
Quantum processes, systems, and information by B. Schumacher and D. Westmoreland
Lecture Notes on Quantum Information and Quantum Computing by J. Preskill
Quantum Computing, A Gentle Introduction by E. Rieffel and W. Polak
Quantum Mechanics by Landau and Lifshitz
Lectures on Quantum Mechanics by G. Baym
Lectures on Quantum Mechanics by S. Weinberg
Consistent Quantum Theory by R. B. Griffiths

Also recommended:
Quantum computing since Democritus by S. Aaronson

Course Times: Lecture: TTh 11:00-12:20, in Mayer Hall Addition 2623.
Discussion: Wednesdays 10-10:50am in Mayer Hall 5301.

Homework: Around 7 problem sets, with about a week to do each. Due in class (or dropped off earlier). Late HW will not be accepted.

Midterm Exam: Will be TBA, during lecture time. Bring bluebooks.

Final: Yes. No late or early finals. (Our final is scheduled for Thursday, March 19, 11:30-2:29, in the lecture room, MHA 2623.)