John McGreevy

Professor of Physics
University of California at San Diego

Address: University of California, San Diego
Mayer Hall, room 5222
9500 Gilman Drive #0319
La Jolla, CA 92093-0319

Email: mcgreevy.j.a at gmail
Phone: please, no

I am a theoretical physicist.

Nearly all my papers can be found on the arXiv, here.

Here is the one that can't.

Here are some talks I've given.

Here are some soothing javascript automata. Here is a more violent one.

Course materials:

UCSD Physics 217 Winter 2016, Fall 2018: Renormalization group.

UCSD Physics 239/139 Spring 2018: Quantum information theory in many body physics.

UCSD Physics 215B Winter 2017, 18: Quantum Field Theory, part two.

UCSD Physics 215A Fall 2016, 17: Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.

UCSD Physics 215C Spring 2017: Quantum Field Theory, part three.

UCSD Physics 239 Spring 2016: Quantum information theory in many body physics.

UCSD Physics 239A Spring 2014: Where do QFTs come from?

UCSD Physics 212A Fall 2015: Graduate Quantum Mechanics.

UCSD Physics 130C Winter 2013, 14, 15: Quantum Mechanics.

UCSD Physics 225A Fall 2013: General Relativity.

UCSD Physics 215C Spring 2013, 15: Quantum Field Theory.

MIT 8.044 Spring 2012: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics.

MIT 8.821 Fall 2008: Applied String Theory. Open CourseWare version is here.

MIT 8.821 Fall 2007: Introduction to String Theory.