Physics 215c, Quantum Field Theory, Spring 2015: Homework and Solutions

Homework (Partial) Solutions
Problem Set 00 No right answers.
Problem Set 01 Solution Set 01
Problem Set 02 Solution Set 02
Problem Set 03 Solution Set 03
Problem Set 04 Solution Set 04
Problem Set 05 Solution Set 05
Problem Set 06 Solution Set 06
Problem Set 07 Very partial Solution Set 07

Final papers

Author Topic
Daniel Ben-Zion X-Ray singularities and boundary conformal field theory
Mark Derdzinski Conformal bootstrapping
Alexander Georges Morse homology and RG flows
Stephen Hancock Quantization of the WZW Action in Chiral Perturbation Theory
Raul Herrera The Fractional Quantum Hall effect and DMRG
Luke Johns Non-equilibrium dynamics of neutrinos in a medium
Sridip Pal Incompatibility of scale invariance and hermiticity of Hamiltonian

Here is the end-term paper assignment,
and a preliminary (by-no-means-exhaustive) list of some possible topics.
I will add to the list as I think of more topics.
Here is a tex template for the end-term paper. This pdf version shows where to get the required files to include.

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