Lecture 1: what we know about string theory (scribe: McGreevy) texfile

Lecture 2: D3-branes at small and large coupling (scribe: McGreevy) texfile

Lecture 3: AdS/CFT from scratch, no strings (scribe: McGreevy/Ali Nassar)

Lecture 4: what holds up the throat? (scribe: Evangelos Sfakianakis)

Lecture 5: how to defend yourself from a supersymmetric field theory (scribe: Nabil Iqbal)

Lecture 6: about the N=4 SYM theory (scribe: David Guarrera)

Lecture 7: big picture of the correspondence; strings and Strong Interactions (scribe: Wing-Ho Ko)

Lecture 8: large N counting (scribe: Brian Swingle)

Lecture 9: scale and conformal invariance in field theory (scribe: Tarun Grover)

Lecture 10: CFT in d>2 continued (scribe: Tongyan Lin)

Lecture 11: geometry of AdS (scribe: Mohamad Magrebi)

Lecture 12: geometry of AdS, continued (scribe: Francesco D'Eramo)

Lecture 13: masses of fields and dimensions of operators (scribe: Christiana Athanasiou)

Lecture 14: how to compute correlation functions (scribe: Mark Hertzberg)

Lecture 15: correlators, continued; preview of real-time issues (scribe: Daniel Park)

Lecture 16: three-point functions, anomalies (scribe: Eric Fitzgerald)

Lecture 17: Wilson loops (scribe: Maissam Barkeshli)

Lecture 18: Wilson loops, continued (scribe: Koushik Balasubramanian)

Lecture 19: pointlike probes of the bulk (scribe: Vijay Kumar)

Lecture 20: the wider world of gauge/gravity duality (scribe: Brian Swingle)

Lecture 21: confinement, continued (scribe: Ali Nassar)

Lecture 22: black hole mechanics (scribe: Dave Guarrerra)

Lecture 23: AdS black holes and thermal gauge theory (scribe: Tongyan Lin)

Lecture 24: black hole thermodynamics, continued (scribe: Wing-Ho Ko)

Lecture 25: AdS black holes and thermal gauge theory, cont'd (scribe: Thomas Faulkner)