Physics 215c, Quantum Field Theory, Spring 2013: Homework and Solutions

Homework Solutions
Problem Set 00 No right answers.
Problem Set 01 Solution Set 01
Problem Set 02 Solution Set 02
Problem Set 03 Solution Set 03
Problem Set 04 Partial Solution Set 04
Problem Set 05 Solution Set 05
Problem Set 06 Solution Set 06
(Bonus) Problem Set 07

Final papers

Author Topic
Miles Albert Schwinger mechanism
Justin Bond Perturbation theory in QFT is asymptotic
Nirag Kadakia Nielsen-Ninomiya fermion doubling theorem
Ivan Karmazin Non-abelian bosonization
S. M. Kravec Gauge theory of U(1) spin liquids
Alexander Kuczala Deconfined quantum criticality
David Leon Casimir forces between gently curved surfaces
Amol Patwardhan Neutrino-photon interactions in vacuum and material media
Paul Rozdeba Entanglement entropy in quantum field theory
Daniel Walsh Particle statistics and the topology of the configuration space
Wang Yang BPHZ theorem on divergences in perturbation theory
Minyoung You Emergence of gauge theory from local lattice models

Here is the end-term paper assignment,
and a preliminary (by-no-means-exhaustive) list of some possible topics.
I will add to the list as I think of more topics.
Here is a tex template for the end-term paper.

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