Physics 239a, Whence QFT?, Spring 2014: Homework and Solutions

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Final papers

Author Topic
Miles Albert Fermion zero-modes on vortices
Daniel Ben-Zion Entanglement renormalization with local symmetry
Justin Bond Baryon number violation by magnetic monopoles
Mark Derdzinski Lieb-Robinson bounds and locality in quantum systems
Xiang Fan String-net condensation
Conrad Foo Parafermions
Mike Gartner Classical and quantum dimer models
Alex Georges Braiding statistics in three dimensions
Bobak Hashemi Emergence of spacetime geometry from entanglement in quantum many body systems
Raul Herrera Magneto-roton and universal features of quantum Hall physics
Shauna Kravec Finite temperature quantum memory and Haah's code
Alexander Kuczala Are symmetry breaking and topological order really different?
Chris Murphy Scale and conformal invariance in relativistic QFT
Emily Nardoni Witten anomaly
Daniel Walsh Quantum Ising criticality on fractal lattices
Shenglong Xu When Goldstone meets Landau

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